How do I add a table or chart to an ER section?

Adding a table

  1. Navigate to the ER section where you want to add the new table.
  2. Start a new line (by pressing the Enter key) where you want the new table to appear.
  3. Click the new table button.

Set the properties of the new table:

  • You can add rows or columns to any table by right-clicking on the table and using the pop up menus.
  • You can align text in table cells by highlighting the cell, then using the alignment tools in the tool bar.
  • Always click “Save” after you add the new table before you start entering data or adding additional tables.
  1. Set the number of columns.
  2. Set the number of rows.
  3. Set the cell padding. (we recommend 2)
  4. Set the border. (we recommend 1)
  5. Click the “Insert” button.
  6. Click “Save”.

If you need further assistance, please contact your School District's SpEd Forms Administrator.

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