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 +====== Educator'​s Guide ======
 +===== Getting Started =====
 +  * [[Browser Support|What browsers does SpEd Forms support?]]
 +  * [[Internet Explorer|How do I set up Internet Explorer on a PC?]]
 +  * [[Safari|How do I set up Safari on a Mac?]]
 +  * [[Google Chrome|How do I set up Google Chrome?]]
 +  * [[Firefox|How do I set up Mozilla Firefox?]]
 +  * [[Accessing SpEd Forms|How do I access SpEd Forms?]]
 +  * [[Changing Password|How do I change my password?]]
 +  * [[Updating Profile|How do I change things in my profile?]]
 +  * [[Managing Team Member List|How do I manage my personal team member list?]]
 +  * [[Managing Personal Credentials|How do I manage my personal credentials?​]]
 +  * [[Managing Personal Drop Downs|How do I manage my personal drop down lists?]]
 +  * [[Managing Custom Materials Procedures List|How do I manage my custom materials and procedures list?]]
 +  * [[Personal Goal Bank|How do I use my personal goal bank?]]
 +  * [[Manage My Calendar|How do I manage my calendar?]]
 +[[helpful_advice|Ensuring a Positive SpEd Forms Experience]]
 +===== Managing Students =====
 +  * [[Manage Messages Inbox|How do I manage the Messages inbox?]]
 +  * [[Setup Student|How do I setup and add new students?]]
 +  * [[Change Student Info|How do I change a student'​s setup information?​]]
 +  * [[Exit Student|How do I "​Exit"​ a student?]]
 +  * [[Reactivate exited Student|How do I re-activate an "​Exited"​ student?]]
 +  * [[Manage Student List|How do I work with my student list?]]
 +  * [[Get to Student Forms|How do I go to a student'​s forms?]]
 +  * [[Spell Check|How do I check spelling?]]
 +  * [[What Are Exclusive Rights|How are "​Exclusive Rights"​ used?]]
 +  * [[Printing Forms|How do I print forms?]]
 +  * [[Student History Forms|How do I work with a student'​s history forms?]]
 +  * [[Request Access to Student|How do I request access to a student?]]
 +  * [[Send Student to user|How do I send a student to another user?]]
 +  * [[Share Student with User|How do I share a student with a local user?]]
 +  * [[Pick Up Student other District|How do I pick up a student from another district?]]
 +===== Managing Forms =====
 +  * [[Find Student Forms|How do I find student forms?]]
 +  * [[Work with Services|How do I work with services?]]
 +  * [[Work with Goal Pages|How do I work with goal pages?]]
 +  * [[Using Goal Bank|How do I use the goal bank?]]
 +  * [[Filling out Goal|How do I fill out a goal?]]
 +  * [[Measure Goal Progress|How do I measure progress for a goal or objective?​]]
 +  * [[Make a Progress Report|How do I make a progress report?]]
 +  * [[Add a Form Letter|How do I add a form letter?]]
 +  * [[Archive IEP|Can the IEP be archived so that you can keep last year's IEP and make a new one too?]]
 +  * [[Put form in history|How do I put a form into history?]]
 +  * [[Combined Report|How do I use the Combined Report?]]
 +  * [[Workload Analysis|How do I use the Workload Analysis report?]]
 +===== Evaluation Reports (ER's) =====
 +  * [[er_known_issues|Known Issues with ER Forms]]
 +  * [[Navigate ER|How do I navigate to a student'​s Evaluation Report?]]
 +  * [[New ER|How do I create a new Evaluation Report?]]
 +  * [[Organize ER|How do I organize ER sections in the order I want?]]
 +  * [[New Section ER|How do I add a new section to the Evaluation Report?]]
 +  * [[Delete Section ER|How do I delete a section from an Evaluation Report?]]
 +  * [[Add Test ER|How do I add a test to an existing ER?]]
 +  * [[Add Criteria ER|How do I add criteria to an existing ER?]]
 +  * [[Edit Section ER|How do I edit an ER section?]]
 +  * [[Format Text ER|How do I format text in an ER?]]
 +  * [[Copy From Word ER|How do I copy and paste from MS Word?]]
 +  * [[Add table chart ER|How do I add a table or chart to an ER section?]]
 +  * [[Delete Table Chart ER|How do I delete a table or chart in an ER?]]
 +  * [[Finalize ER|How do I Finalize an ER?]]
 +  * [[Team Members Signature page ER|How do I use the ER Team Members / Signature page?]]
 +  * [[Print ER|How do I print an ER?]]
 +===== Enrollment and Attendance =====
 +[[enrollment_and_attendance|Enrollment and Attendance]]
 +  * [[Attendance Enrollment Record|How do I create an enrollment record?]]
 +  * [[Attendance Enter Data|How do I enter attendance, membership or SpEd minutes?]]
 +  * [[Attendance Review Data|How do I review attendance, membership or SpEd minutes?]]
 +===== MA Guide =====
 +  * [[MA Forms Access|How do I access MA Forms?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms Student Billing|How do I set up student billing?]]
 +  * [[http://​spedforms.com/​pdf/​ICD_10_guide.pdf|How do I set up ICD-10 Codes?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms Create Activity Log|How do I create an MA activity log?]]
 +  * [[ma_forms_create_telemedicine_activity_log|How do I create a new Telemedicine MA activity log?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms View/Delete Activity Log|How do I view or delete an activity log?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms Duplicate activity log|How do I duplicate an activity log?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms Create Trip Log|How do I create an MA trip log?]]
 +  * [[MA Forms view/delete trip_log|How do I view or delete a trip log?]]
 +===== FAQ =====
 +[[Educator_faq|Frequently asked questions (FAQ)]]
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