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 +====== How do I share a student with a local user? ======
 +<WRAP center round help 60%>
 +[[http://​www.teachertube.com/​viewVideo.php?​video_id=208346&​title=Granting_access_to_a_student|Watch a tutorial on TeacherTube]] ​
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 +[[http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=6OsjQxoJHCA|Watch a tutorial on YouTube]]
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +  * "(Case Manager)"​ will appear next to your name. Do not remove your "Edit Access"​.
 +  * Clicking on the link to a users name will display a staff profile information box. Their name, title, location, phone, fax and email information from their profile will be shown.
 +  - From the "Main Menu" click on "​Students"​.
 +  - Click the student'​s name.
 +  - On the "Form Menu" click the "​Sharing/​Transfer"​ button.
 +  - You will be taken to a page showing users with access to that student and other users which are available.
 +  - Click on the "​Select a User" drop down box.
 +  - Select a category or "View All" to show a listing of available users.
 +  - Select the desired user by clicking the "​Share"​ button next to that user's name.
 +  - The user's name will then appear in the list on the right.
 +  - If this user should be able to edit the forms, click the "Edit " check box. If the box is not checked, the user will have "read only" access.
 +  - If this user should be able to access MA information for this student, click the "​MA"​ check box.
 +  - To remove a user from the list, click the "​Unshare"​ button to the left of that user's name.
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