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 +===== How do I use the "​Attendance detail"​ and "​Attendance summary"​ reports? ===== 
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 + ​Please note that attendance hours will not be listed if the student does not have a current enrollment record.
 +The detail report will give you all attendance entries within your specified date range. The summary report will give you a total number of minutes for each enrollment record within your specified date range.
 +<WRAP first column 35%>
 +  - From your Administration Menu click '​Reports',​ or use the 'Go to...' drop down menu and select 'Admin Reporting'​.
 +  - When the Reports menu appears, click the yellow "GenEd Forms" tab.
 +  - Select either the Attendance detail or Attendance summary report.
 +  - Enter your search criteria.
 +  - Click the Search button.
 +Search criteria will be retained. Please use the New Search button if you need to change your search parameters.
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 +{{ :​attendance_gened_report_new2015.png?​500&​nolink|}}
 +{{ :​attendance_list_new2015.png?​500&​nolink|}}
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