Your MARSS Code Questions Answered

SpEd Forms works diligently to be compliant with any changes or new information posted by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). To make sure our software is current with the standards set by the MDE, we updated codes in student setup dropdowns to match the 2019-20 MARSS Reference Guide. We’ve received a number of questions pertaining to the Student Education Evaluation Status (SEES). To better answer your inquiries, we reached out to the MDE for more clarification. Below is the information we received. 

 For ECSE:

  • Unless the child is enrolled in a voluntary Pre-K or school readiness plus classroom, they are not enrolled without a referral. Please refer to procedure 6 EC of the MARSS manual for special enrollment instructions.
  • During the referral period, the child is enrolled with a SEES status code 2 (EC – Evaluated). 
  • If the evaluation indicates the child is eligible, a new record is created in MARSS with a SEES code of 4 (receiving special education services) or 6 (receiving services in district and receiving services through a public agency).
  • If the evaluation indicates no eligibility, the child is no longer enrolled. 

For K-12 students:

  • During the referral period, K-12 students maintain a SEES code 1 status until evaluation is complete.
  • If the evaluation indicates the child is eligible, a new record is created in MARSS with a SEES of 4 or 6. 
  • If the child is deemed not eligible, change the SEES code 1 to code 2 (Shared-Time K-12 – Evaluated). You do not need to create a new enrollment record.
  • Enrollment of shared time students is identical to ECSE.

Here are some other status updates you may find helpful:

MCA Testing accommodations manuals have been updated and were recently released. We are currently working with a team of district assessment and data personnel and will update the MCA accommodations dropdowns in the near future.  

Reminder: “Your Calendar” (found on the Main Menu under “Calendar”) will no longer be available starting January 2020. This change does not affect the school calendars added by your district.

Finally, the SpEd Forms team would like to wish you a warm and restful winter break. Happy New Year!