SpEd Forms: Thursdays at Three – End of the year activities

SpEd Forms: Thursdays at Three - End of the year activities

Administrators, we invite you to collaborate with us in updating our list of administrative end-of-year activities for EC and K-12. Let’s discuss the tasks you usually perform at this time, as well as those that can assist you in preparing for the next academic year. We’ll cover topics such as COSF changes, SpEd Forms reports and processes, and how to streamline your to-do list. You’ll also discover useful tools in SpEd Forms that can simplify your end-of-year responsibilities and set you up for success in the coming school year.


This meeting is meant for our educators set up with administrative permissions. Click on the meeting link below to join us on Thursday, April 27th at 3pm:

Google Meet link


For all upcoming topics and other valuable resources, check out the support page of our website here:

Thursdays at Three


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Though we start at 3pm, you are free to hop on and join us anytime between 3-4pm as we know the end of the school day can be busy. We hope to see MANY of your smiling faces tomorrow!