Schools using MA Forms submit up to 15% more claims

For more than fifteen years, school districts have been using SpEd Forms software to streamline their medical forms processing. MA Forms removes the hassle from medical billing, ultimately saving schools thousands of dollars in wages and budget. Here are five ways that MA Forms produces tangible benefits to its users.

Encourage accurate billing
MA Forms helps small schools do essential paperwork that they may otherwise neglect in favor of more pressing tasks. By making it easy to complete medical billing forms and find errors, districts can perform mandated billing and recoup the federal share of the cost of providing the service. MA Forms includes all forms necessary for medical billing and takes advantage of EDI standards developed for HIPAA so that medical providers and payers can securely exchange information

Maximize cost savings
Whether your school has two students needing medical billing or two thousand, MA Forms helps save money. For small districts, the cost of MA Forms is covered even if there are only a handful of students needing services. On the other hand, large cooperatives can consolidate billing management into one position. Data can be stored in one location online with a single third-party billing coordinator managing forms submission, but all individuals involved (case managers, PCAs, service providers, etc) can access data as needed.

Eliminate the need for billing agencies
Unlike a billing agency, MA Forms only has a set annual fee, with no per-claim or per-line fees, saving districts hundreds of thousands of dollars that would otherwise go to external agencies. MA Forms allows schools to cut out the intermediary and delegate billing coordination to internal staff.

No tech experience needed
Since MA Forms is web-based, schools don’t need extra technological support to install or use it. Just log on to the webpage for complete access to MA Forms. Think the billing process is too complicated? Think again. Not only is MA Forms easy to use, but it helps staff better understand the third party billing process as the use the software.

Increase claim submission rates
Our client districts have seen notable increases in claim submissions after switching to MA Forms software. In the first few years of usage, many schools submit 15% more medical billing claims. Long-term clients continue to see about a 6% year-over-year rise in the number of documented claims, thus also increasing the amount of funding reclaimed by schools.

Learn more about MA Forms here.