MA Forms

Simply powerful medical billing software

HIPAA Compliance Verification

There are a lot of myths about state health care programs reimbursement. If one of these myths is keeping you from billing for health-related IEP services, or if you’re paying high fees to a medical billing agency because you believe the system is too complex, it’s time to destroy those barriers with MA Forms. Learn for yourself why hundreds of school districts have already adopted MA Forms to increase special education revenues.


When we heard how much billing agencies were charging school districts to process claims for health-related IEP services, we knew we had to do something about it. Since 2000, MA Forms has saved school districts millions of dollars that would have otherwise been paid to medical billing agencies.

MA Forms makes it possible for school districts to bill for Medicaid eligible services directly. No intermediaries, no per-claim fees, no per-line fees, no fees for resubmitting denied claims, just one low annual license fee.

And you don’t need to hire additional technology staff to support SpEd Forms. SpEd Forms is built on the application service provider model, which means it is web based and no in-house technology staff are needed to operate and maintain the program.


Not only will you save money with MA Forms, but you will also reduce paperwork shuffling and double-entry. In addition to direct billing software, MA Forms includes all the necessary forms needed to start billing immediately.

  1. The billing coordinator enters services and rates, and then authorizes properly credentialed service providers to document services provided to covered students.
  2. The service provider enters activity/trip logs to record services delivered to eligible students.
  3. Each entry on an activity log automatically becomes a claim. These claims are then reviewed by the billing coordinator.
  4. The claims are submitted by the billing coordinator to the state electronically.
  5. The state sends back an electronic remittance advice with payment and/or denial information which is then automatically imported into MA Forms.


MA Forms takes advantage of EDI standards developed for HIPAA. These standards make it possible for medical providers and payers to securely exchange information. MA Forms can be tightly integrated into SpEd Forms, and like SpEd Forms, it is web based so that no in-house technology staff are needed to operate and maintain the program.

Key features

  • Includes all forms necessary for medical billing
  • Automates collection of data from activity and trip logs
  • Reads electronic remittance eligibility files (X-12 270/271)
  • Creates electronic batch billing files (X-12 835)
  • Reads electronic remittance advice (X-12 835)
  • Integrated closely with SpEd Forms
  • Service logs can be completed using traditional hard-copy forms, or electronically as a paper–free mobile system
  • Reports include:
    • Reconciliation
    • Total amount paid
    • Annual rates reporting
    • Reimbursement by school
    • Workload analysis
  • Custom report writing interface
  • No per claim, per line or processing fees