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 +====== How do I add a form letter? ======
 +You can add your own form letters to a student'​s forms page and print them just like any other form in SpEd Forms.
 +===== Adding a form letter =====
 +<WRAP right round box 46%>
 +{{ :​new_form_letter.jpg?​nolink |}}
 +**To add a new form letter:**
 +  - Navigate to the desired student'​s forms page.
 +  - Scroll to the bottom of the student'​s forms page and click the "Add form letter"​ link.
 +  - Choose a pre-defined form letter from the "​Select form letter"​ drop down list box, or type a name in the text field for a new, blank form letter
 +  - Enter the date and any other information.
 +  - Edit the body of the form letter as needed.
 +  - Click "​Save"​.
 +  - Click the "​Print"​ button to print the form letter.
 +<WRAP center round tip 80%>
 +  * The body of the form letter works the same as an [[edit_section_er|ER section in Design Mode]]. Be sure to follow the [[copy_from_word_er|copy and paste guidelines]].
 +  * You can [[add_table_chart_er|add tables]] to the form letter just like you can in an ER section.
 +  * If you have a really great form that everyone could use, your system administrator [[admin_share_form_letter|can make form letters available to all users]]!
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