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 +====== How do I manage the global calendar? ======
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +Any administrator can add/edit calendar events that will show up for all users under their jurisdiction.
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 +A Super Administrator'​s entries can be edited by any other Super Administrator and will show up on all the calendars of all users (accessed through the teacher'​s Main Menu). ​
 +A District Administrator'​s entries, on the other hand, can only be edited by other District Administrators within that District and will only show up on the calendars of users within that district. ​
 +Cooperative and School Administrator'​s entries work in a similar fashion but are limited to their administrative level.
 +Managing the global calendar
 +  - Navigate to the Administration Menu.
 +  - Click on the "​Organization"​ button.
 +  - Click the "​Calendar"​ link.
 +  - Set the "​District"​ drop down list box if needed.
 +  - Set the "​School"​ drop down list box if needed.
 +  - If you set anything in steps 4 or 5, click the "​Update"​ button.
 +  - Navigate to the correct month by clicking the double arrow to the left or right of the "​month,​ year".
 +  - Click the "​Add"​ link in the box with the date you want to add an event for and then change or add details as necessary.
 +  - Click the "​Save"​ button.
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 + {{ :​calendar_global_new2015.png?​nolink&​500|}}
 +To edit or delete an event, click the event'​s name or title and make any necessary changes. Click the "​Save"​ button to save changes or click the "​Delete Event" button to delete the event.
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +You can add as many events as you want for each day by clicking on the "​Add"​ link each time.
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