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 +====== How do I set the languages drop down list? ======
 +<wrap em>Super Administrators only</​wrap>​
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +You can use the "​Order"​ column to put the most frequently chosen languages toward the top of your list.
 +The language drop down boxes in SpEd Forms can be edited.
 +===== Managing the language drop down lists =====
 +  - Navigate to the main Administration Menu.
 +  - Click the "​Organization"​ button.
 +  - Click the "Drop down lists" link.
 +  - Scroll down, find and click the "​Languages"​ link.
 +  - Make changes to the order, value text, or display text.
 +  - Use the district or school ID to force that entry to only show up for a specific district or school.
 +  - Remove options by putting a check in the "​Remove"​ check box next to that particular option.
 +  - Add options by filling in lines toward the bottom of the page.
 +  - Click the "​Save"​ button.
 +<WRAP right round box 63%>
 +{{ :​languages_drop_down.jpg?​nolink |}}
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