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 +====== How do I create an enrollment record? ======
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 +  * Enrollment records are required to be entered in order to use the administrator and educator Attendance reports. Each record is a '​fence'​ around the number of attendance, membership, and service hours that are entered.
 +  * There can be multiple enrollment records per year. Attendance, Membership, and SpEd hours will calculate for each record based on the status start and end dates.
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 +If you do not have this option, contact your administrator to modify your permissions.
 +  - From your student list, click on the student'​s name.
 +  - Scroll to the '​Enrollment and Attendance'​ section of the form menu and select '​Enrollment'​. Click 'Add enrollment record'​.
 +  - Enter the Status start and end dates, change any information that needs to be updated on the record, then save.
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 +  * You may see a 'Not an insrt. day' message if your administrator has not entered the district calendar or if status start/end date is not a school day.
 +  * Do not delete previous year's enrollment records. The enrollment record is the controlling factor for the attendance and membership hours when creating reports.
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