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 +====== How do I enter attendance, membership or SpEd minutes? ======
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +Hours entered for attendance, membership, or Special Education can be collected by the school or district administrator for reporting to the Minnesota Department of Education.
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 +  * The current month will be listed. You can enter a specific date to go to, without limit using 2. and 3. Alternatively,​ you can use the Go to day drop down (1.) to go to a date in the currently listed month.
 +  * If your district has not entered instructional days for the student'​s specific school and grade, you will see a message, "Not an instructional day". You can still enter hours but you should alert your SpEd Forms Administrator.
 +{{ attendance_entry.png?​nolink}}
 +  - Click the student'​s name.
 +  - Scroll down to the Enrollment and Attendance section of the form menu and click the check box to expand the options.
 +  - Select the "​Attendance"​ link.
 +  - Click on the "​+"​ for the day you wish enter hours.
 +  - Enter the provider number or select from the list if the provider is not yourself.
 +  - Select the record type. This will default to Attendance.
 +  - Enter the number of minutes in the "Att. Mins", "Mem. Mins", or "​Special Education Minutes"​ as appropriate.
 +  - Give a brief description if necessary.
 +  - If record type is "​Absent",​ you can select a check box and option in the drop down list for the appropriate reason.
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 +  * Please refer to your Special Education Coordinator or Administrator to determine what qualifies as attendance. Membership, or SpEd minutes.
 +  * Multiple entries per day can be added to accommodate multiple providers. Educator reports can be run so that you can verify the accuracy of the data entered.
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