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 +====== Two students appear to have their information mixed up. How did this happen? ======
 +SpEd Forms remembers which student you are working on. The behavior described can occur for three reasons:
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 + {{ :​quit_button_new2015.png?​nolink&​300|}}
 +  - If someone else logs into SpEd Forms using your user name and password, then SpEd Forms may confuse the student you are working on with the student the other person is working on. Never share you user name and password.
 +  - If you work on two computers and do not "​Quit"​ SpEd Forms before moving to the second computer, SpEd Forms may confuse the students you are working on. Always "​Quit"​ SpEd Forms before moving to a new computer.
 +  - If you are logged into SpEd Forms in more than one window/tab, SpEd Forms may confuse the students you are working on and cause information to cross.
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