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 +====== How do I put non-SpEd Forms files like PDFs into history? ======
 +You may want to include a non-SpEd Forms file in a student'​s history. For example, you may get an IEP from another state or a medical report from a Doctor that you would like included in a student'​s history.
 +{{ :​history_upload_files.gif?​nolink |}}
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 +You can upload any file, including PDF files, (<wrap em>​Educators:​ up to 5Mb in size, Administrators:​ up to 50Mb</​wrap>​) to a student'​s history tab. You may need to have software on our computer that will make a PDF file, or the ability to scan a paper document into an electronic document like a PDF file. Here's how:
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +50 Mb may appear smaller in the native file system you are using. 50Mb is 50 million bytes, which is not exactly 50 megabytes, which is closer to 52,428,800 bytes and what is actually 52.4 million bytes will appear as 50MB on your system. The same applies to files at the 5MB size (5,242,880 bytes, or 5.2 Mb).
 +  - Use a copier or a scanner to create the electronic version of the document. Mac OS X computers can make PDF files right from the Print dialog. Windows computers may need PDF software installed that you can print to just like a printer. A popular (free) program is PDF995, but check to see if your district already has a preferred PDF software package.
 +  - Be sure to name the electronic document something meaningful to you, such as "​Doctor'​s Report"​.
 +  - Navigate to the student'​s History tab.
 +  - Click the "​Upload file" link and upload the file you created to history.
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