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 +====== Why are my changes gone when I "​Save"​ a form and come back later? ======
 +The changes you have made to one of your forms could be lost for any of the following reasons:
 +  - You may not have clicked the "​Save"​ button after you finished entering information. After you have finished making changes to ANY page, you must click the "​Save"​ button.
 +  - If somebody else logs into SpEd Forms using your user name and password, then SpEd Forms may confuse the student you are working on with the student the other person is working with. Never share you user name and password.
 +  - If you work on two computers and do not "​Quit"​ SpEd Forms before moving to the second computer, SpEd Forms may confuse the students you are working with. Always quit SpEd Forms with the "​Quit"​ button on the navigation bar before logging in on a new machine.
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