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 +====== Why do I see "SpEd Forms is unable to verify your authentication information"​ when I press the Save button? ======
 +This message is usually caused by network or firewall settings that prevent SpEd Forms from working as it should. Contact your network administrator and have them ensure the following domains and ports are excluded from all proxy cacheing and firewall blocking rules:
 +  * spedforms.org port 433
 +  * 15.spedforms.org port 433
 +  * 16.spedforms.org port 433
 +  * 17.spedforms.org port 433
 +  * support.spedforms.com port 433
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +If you still see the message after checking the settings listed above, feel free to call us or submit a support request. We're here to help!
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