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 +====== Importing student records when the student ID number is in use ======
 +A user may try to "​[[faq_forms_pick_up_from_other_server|Pick up]]" (import) a student'​s records from another SpEd Forms server and get a warning about the student'​s ID number already being in the system. This can happen when a student transfers away from your district, then returns at a later date. There are several ways to handle the situation:
 +Don't import the record. In many cases, the records haven'​t actually changed so the student only needs to be re-activated.
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +You could update the middle zeros to  ''​old''​ in the ID number to keep things clear.
 +===== Merge the existing and new records: =====
 +  - [[faq_forms_change_student_id|Change the Student ID]] number of the existing record.
 +  - Have the case manager "​[[faq_forms_change_student_id|Pick up]]" the import record.
 +  - Have the case manager determine which record should be retained.
 +  - [[faq_forms_combine_duplicate_student_histories|Merge the history]] from the record to be discarded to the retained record.
 +  - Delete the record you don't want.
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