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 +====== How do I reassign the case manager? ======
 +The Case Manager can be changed by the current Case Manager or by the SpEd Forms Administrator.
 +===== Reassigning the Case Manager =====
 +  - From the main Administration menu, click on "​Reporting"​.
 +  - Choose the "​Student sharing"​ report.
 +  - Search for the student.
 +  - Open the "​Permissions for" drop down list box and choose the target case manager.
 +  - Put a check in the "IEP Manager"​ check box for the target student.
 +  - Click the "​Update"​ button.
 +<WRAP center round tip 80%>
 +  * You can select ALL the students in the list by clicking the header check box. For example, you can send all the students in the list to one IEP manager by clicking the "IEP Manager"​ check box in the very first (no student name) row. This works for all the check boxes in the very first row.
 +  * You can apply multiple permissions (Edit and MA for instance) at the same time.
 +  * You can see the current permissions for a student by clicking the "Show team" link to the left of the student name.
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 + {{ :​report_student_sharing_reassign_new2015.png?​nolink|}}
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 + You can reset all permissions by using the "​Reset"​ check box. Only use this if you intend to clear all sharing with this student.
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