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 +====== How do I exit a student from MA? ======
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +When exiting MA student records, all claim lines (activity, trip and AT logs) must be sent. The student cannot be exited if outstanding claims are found for that student. The number of claims is shown in parenthesis after the student'​s name.
 +===== Exiting a student from MA Forms: =====
 +  - Select Go To... Admin Reporting in the drop down menu.
 +  - Select the MA Forms tab.
 +  - Navigate to the "​Student claims"​ menu.
 +  - Enter your search criteria.
 +  - Click the "​Search"​ button.
 +  - Click the "Exit Student"​ button.
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 +{{ :​ma_exit_student.jpg?​nolink|}}
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