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 +====== Utilizing 835 X12 response data from DHS ======
 +After you have sent a batch file to DHS they create an "835 X12 Response"​ file that you can use to import the "Paid Amount"​ and the "Paid Date" for all the data in your batch file. Unfortunately these data files are not automatically added to your account but you can contact DHS and make a request to receive them.
 +Contact DHS and request to receive "835 HIPAA Electronic Remmittance Advice"​
 +Fill out the Electronic Remittance Advice Request Form and fax it back to the number provided on the form. \\
 +or \\
 +Contact the "MHCP Provider Call Center"​ at 1-800-366-5411 or (651) 431-2700.
 +Tell the DHS representative that you want to start receiving the "835 HIPAA Electronic Remittance Advice"​.
 +===== Locating your DHS responses in MN-ITS =====
 +  - Navigate to the MN-ITS website.
 +  - Log in with the district'​s username and password.
 +  - Click on "​Mailbox"​ and then on "​Transaction Responses"​
 +  - Click on the circle by "​835_X12"​.
 +  - The files you are searching for will be located below the search box.
 +NOTE: These data files will be named with a date and will probably be dated anywhere from 1 to a few days after you sent the batch (one data file for each batch file).
 +===== Saving the DHS response to your computer ======
 +Use the procedure above to login to the MN-ITS website and find your "835 X12" response folder.
 +  - Right click once on the specific file name you want to download.
 +  - Click the save as link and save the file to a specific folder of your choosing.
 +  - Rename the file if necessary and "​Save"​ the file to your Desktop or a specific folder of your choosing.
 +IMPORTANT NOTE: For security reasons, your computer will not allow you to save this file directly to the SpEd Forms Admin File folder.
 +NOTE: Once you have saved the file to your computer you must also save this file to your SpEd Forms Admin File folder.
 +===== Copy the DHS response(s) to SpEd Forms =====
 +  - From the "Go to..." select "Admin Files"​. ​
 +  - On the Files page, click the blue "​Upload file" link at the top of the page.
 +  - On the "​Upload files" page, click "​Choose File", find the file you want to upload, and click "​Upload."​
 +  - In the pop-up window "​Choose file to upload",​ locate the file you wish to upload, highlight it, and click "​Open"​.
 +  - On the SpEd Forms "​Manage files" page, click "​Upload"​.
 +  - A pop-up window will appear saying the "File has been uploaded"​. Click "​Ok"​.
 +Note: The maximum upload size is 60MB. If you have one larger than this, we prefer to upload the file with a program called FileZilla. Please send a support request for help with this process.
 +===== Import DHS response data into MA Forms =====
 +  - Open your SpEd Forms account, navigate to the administrative reports menu and click on "MA Forms reports"​.
 +  - From the MA Billing Menu, change or choose the district that corresponds to the data you want to import.
 +  - From that districts MA Billing Menu, click on "​Import DHS response (X12-835)"​.
 +  - To select a file, click the circle next to the name of the response file you want to import. Put a check in the "​Override previous import"​ checkbox if you have already run this file and wish to run it again.
 +  - Once you have made a selection, click on the "​Import selected 835 response file>>"​ button.
 +  - After the file has been imported, click on the "Match this 835 response with claims>>"​ button to match 835 lines with the response ID.
 +NOTE: When you are finished with the import navigate to the "​Create/​Edit Batch Files" page and search for some of the students from that batch. You will notice that the "​Amount Paid" and "Date Paid" have been automatically filled in.
 +Denied claims: Sometimes claims get "​Denied"​ and these are also marked in the DHS Response.
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