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 +====== How do I send a replacement batch to DHS? ======
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 +When sending a replacement batch file, your "​Remittance Advice"​ will show a "​Reversal"​ for all of the claims in the original Batch file and the new totals will show up in the "​Paid-Primary"​ or "​Paid-Secondary"​ section.
 +===== Sending a replacement batch file to DHS: =====
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 +  * All claims from the original batch must be sent again, even if only one claim is being replaced.
 +  * To find out the "Payer Claim Number"​ you will need to refer to the "​Remittance Advice"​ available through your MN-ITS account. This 17 digit number is in the same line as the student'​s name.
 +  - From the MA Reports menu, click "View batch file transactions"​.
 +  - Locate the correct transaction.
 +  - Click the "​Replace"​ link.
 +  - Complete the "Payer Claim Number"​ for each line (matching it with the "CLM #"). If you have imported the 835 X12 response the number will be completed for you.
 +  - After you have saved your changes, if you had to manually enter the Payer Claim Number",​ click on the "​Preview"​ button and then "​Process claims"​.
 +  - The "​Create batch file" page creates the batch file that you will upload to the MN-ITS website. Click the "Click here to download..."​ link, then save the (.txt) file to the folder you have reserved for MA Batch Files.
 +  - You can also click the "​Print"​ button to print a detailed table of the current transaction to keep for your records.
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