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 +====== How do I set up MA billing rates? ======
 +<wrap em>​District/​Super Administrators Only</​wrap>​
 +===== Services Setup =====
 +  - Navigate to the MA Reports menu.
 +  - Click the "​Service setup" link.
 +  - Make changes to or add services as needed.
 +  - Click the "​Save"​ button.
 +<WRAP center round tip 85%>
 +  * If both billing rates are left blank, that service will not be available on the Activity/​Trip Logs.
 +  * When using the "​Effective date" the "Old rate" will be calculated for services prior to this date and the "​Rate"​ will be used for all services falling on or after the "​Effective Date."
 +  * Occasionally modifiers are needed: CTSS mental health services (U4HE) or Assistive Technology devices (U7TMNU – New), (U7TMRA – replacement),​ (U7TMRB – repairs), and (U7TMRR – rented). You will only need to enter the services you plan to bill for. If instructed by DHS to include one or more modifiers please do not include any spaces, hyphens or dashes between the modifiers.
 +===== Updating Billing Rates to the New Rate =====
 +  - Copy the rate in the "​Rate"​ column to the "Old rate" column.
 +  - Enter the new "​Rate"​ with the new rate calculated by DHS after Settle-up or if you have adjusted your rates with DHS during the school year.
 +  - Make sure the "​Effective date" is changed to reflect the date that the new rate will take effect.
 +<WRAP center round box 75%>
 +{{ :​ma_service_rates.jpg?​nolink |}}
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