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 </​WRAP>​ </​WRAP>​
-===== Entering time into the activity log: ===== 
-In order to aid time entry, and to prevent bad data from being recorded into the activity log, we have added a control widget to allow users to enter the start and end times into activity logs. 
-{{ :​timepicker_open.png?​nolink|}} 
-Pictured on the right, we picked this particular widget because of its ease of use and simple function. To use this feature, please follow the directions below: 
-  * To open the widget, click in the textbox for the start or end time. The widget will automatically open. 
-     * If there is no time selected, it will default to the current time. 
-  * To change the time 
-    * Either click the up and down arrows to choose the hour and minute, or 
-    * Type in the hour and minute. The widget prevents invalid data from being entered, so the letter keys do not work when typing in these fields. 
-  * If you need to clear the box, click the red X next to the box. This will empty the time. 
-  * You cannot enter data directly into the fields. This is done to prevent invalid data from being entered. 
-  * There is also an Autofill Time Spent button that will automatically fill out the Minutes field if the times entered meet a few basic criteria 
-    * Both times are entered 
-    * The end time is after or equal to the start time (0 is entered minutes if they are equal) 
-  * At this time, only one set of start/end times can be entered. 
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