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 +====== How do I manage my calendar? ======
 +<WRAP left round info 50%>
 +Your calendar page will automatically show you important dates for any student that is shared with you and special events that are scheduled by administrators. Important dates shown for each student include their IEP date, IEP meeting date, IEP due date and evaluation due date. You can also add events to your calendar to remind you and other team members of important dates.
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 +===== To navigate to your calendar: =====
 +Navigate to the "Main Menu".
 +Click the "​Calendar"​ button.
 +You can click on the arrows next to the month / year to go forward or back to a particular month.
 +===== To add events to your calendar: =====
 +  - Navigate to your Calendar.
 +  - Find the correct month (click on the arrows next to the month / year to go forward or back to a particular month).
 +  - Find the date you want to add an event to and click on the "​Add"​ link next to the date.
 +  - Choose the student'​s name and fill in any other pertinent information. Uncheck the "Share event with team members"​ if you don't want other team members to see the event.
 +  - Click the "​Save"​ button to save your changes.
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 +The "​Time"​ and "​Title"​ will be displayed on your calendar. The "​Title"​ will appear as a link and you can click on this link to make changes or delete this event.
 +===== To edit events on your calendar: =====
 +  - Click on the link to the specific event.
 +  - Make any necessary changes.
 +  - Click the "​Save"​ button to save your changes.
 +===== To remove events on your calendar: =====
 +  - Click on the link to the specific event.
 +  - Click on the "​Delete Event" button.
 +===== Calendar color legend: =====
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ffff99;">​Pale Yellow = Written date</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ccff33;">​Yellow-Green = Evaluation plan due</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ff9966;">​Peach = Initial Evaluation due</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ff99ff;">​Pink = Meeting date</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​99ff66;">​Light Green = IEP Due date</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ffcc00;">​Orange = Transition due (3rd birthday)</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #cc99ff; color: white;">​Light Purple = Parent rights (18th birthday)</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #ff6600; color: white;">​Dark Orange = 21st birthday</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ffffcc;">​Light Yellow = Shared events</​span></​html>​
 +3 year evaluation due date
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ffff00;">​Yellow = Evaluation Due</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ccccff;">​Periwinkle = Evaluation Due on date listed</​span></​html>​
 +Admin or User Events
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ffff99;">​Pale Yellow = Admin Event</​span></​html>​
 +  * <​html><​span style="​background-color:​ #​ccffff;">​Light Blue-Green = User Event</​span></​html>​
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