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 +====== How do I manage my personal measures? ======
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 +Enter commonly used measures into your personal measures bank. These measures can be used to track and graph the progress of any goal objective.
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 +===== To navigate to your personal measures bank: =====
 +  - Navigate to the "Main Menu".
 +  - Click the "Your setup" button.
 +  - Click on "​Measures"​.
 +===== To add a new measure: =====
 +  - Enter the measure name and max score in the spaces provided next to the word "​(Add)"​.
 +  - The new measure(s) will be added once the "​Save"​ button is clicked. More blank spaces will be added after you click "​Save"​.
 +  - Find the date you want to add an event to and click on the "​Add"​ link next to the date.
 +===== To edit an existing measure: =====
 +  - Make changes to any of the existing values as needed.
 +  - Changes to the measure(s) will be saved when the "​Save"​ button is clicked.
 +===== To remove an existing measure: =====
 +  - Put a check in the (Remove) checkbox next to the measure you want removed.
 +  - The measure(s) will be removed when the "​Save"​ button is clicked.
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