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 +====== How do I manage my personal team member list? ======
 +<WRAP left round info 50%>
 +Enter commonly used team members into your personal team member list. You can use the list to quickly and easily add team members into sections of forms, such as the IEP and the "​Notice of a Team Meeting"​.
 +===== To Navigate to your personal team member list: =====
 +<WRAP right round box 47%>
 +Navigate to the "Main Menu".
 +  - Click on the "Your setup" button.
 +  - Click on "Team Member List".
 +  - To add a new team member:
 +      - Enter the team member'​s information into the blank spaces provided in a section with the word "​(Add)"​.
 +      - The new team member(s) will be added when the "​Save"​ button is clicked
 +  - Or
 +      - Click on the Person icon to select an Educator already stored on your server.
 +<WRAP center round tip 60%>
 +More blank sections will be added when you click "​Save"​.
 +===== To edit an existing team member: =====
 +  - Make changes to any of the existing values as needed.
 +  - Changes to the team member(s) will be saved when the "​Save"​ button is clicked.
 +===== To remove an existing team member: =====
 +  - Put a check in the (Remove) checkbox next to the team member(s) you wish to remove.
 +  - The team member(s) will be removed when the "​Save"​ button is clicked.
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