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 +====== Warnings When Using Multiple Tabs ======
 +With the update for April of 2018 (4/7/2018), a new feature was added that warns users when using multiple tabs.
 +There were several reasons for this, but an explanation of how "​Exclusive Rights"​ works will be needed, and how that changes with multiple tabs in use will be necessary.
 +  * A user gains exclusive rights when they visit a particular student page and no one else is working on it.
 +  * This right is only guaranteed for one page at a time, to prevent one user from locking all of the pages, or multiple pages, that they are not actively working with.
 +  * When using multiple tabs, the most recently active tab (Or browser window) is the only tab that has exclusive rights.
 +    * For example: ​
 +      * Mary Sue visits a PWN for Joe Smith. Mary Sue then opens another window and goes to a PWN for Mat Smith. Mary Sue has lost exclusive rights to Joe Smith'​s PWN, but now has exclusive rights for Mat Smith. ​
 +      * Jane Doe goes to Joe Smith'​s PWN. She now has exclusive rights to Joe Smith'​s PWN. She makes a change, saves it and leaves.
 +      * Mary Sue goes back to Joe Smith'​s PWN, makes a different change, saves it and leaves.
 +      * Jane Doe's change is now gone.
 +  * As you can see from the above example, this is something to be avoided.
 +We have added a system to keep track, in almost real time, who has exclusive rights to pages they have open. When they use a tab to browse to another page, within three minutes of navigating to that page, a warning will appear on the original tab, informing the user that they have lost exclusive rights.
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