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 +====== How do I create a new Evaluation Report? ======
 +<WRAP center round alert 60%>
 +Choosing a new template will overwrite the existing ER.
 +Be sure the current ER is finalized before you choose a new template.
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +It's a good idea to always start an evaluation with a new template. This helps to ensure that all the current tests and criteria are included in the ER.
 +  - Navigate to the "Forms Menu" for a student.
 +  - Click on "​Evaluation Report"​.
 +  - If an ER already exists, and you would like to overwrite the existing one, click "New evaluation report"​ (1). There are safeguards in place to prevent selecting a new template if others are still working in the current ER.
 +  - A warning will appear. You will be asked to click "​Confirm"​ to continue.
 +  - The following page will ask you to "​Please choose an evaluation report template"​.
 +  - There are two types of templates available.
 +      - SpEd Forms Templates for each of the major disability areas used statewide.
 +      - Local District Templates created by your school district or cooperative.
 +  - Click on the "​Select"​ button next to the template you wish to use.
 +  - You will be asked to confirm that you want to select a new template again.
 +  - The template will be automatically entered into the evaluation report, overwritting the old template, and you will be taken to the evaluation report menu.
 +{{ :​evaluation_new_template.gif?​nolink |}}
 +<WRAP center round info 60%>
 +If you need further assistance, please contact your School District'​s SpEd Forms Administrator.
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