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 +====== How do I use the "​Active student count (by school)"​ report? ======
 +  - From your "​Administration Menu" click "​Reporting",​ or use the "Go to..." drop down menu and select "Admin Reporting"​.
 +  - When the Reports menu appears, there are two selections at the top, "​Searchable"​ and "​Quick"​. This report is a "​Searchable"​ report.
 +  - Click "​Active Student Count (by school)"​ to run this report.
 +  - Enter your search criteria by District, Coop or School.
 +  - Click "​Search"​.
 +**The "​Active Student Count (by school) Report"​ will give you the following results:**
 +  * School ID number
 +  * School name
 +  * Number of active students by school
 +  * Total number of active students
 +<WRAP center round box 63%>
 + {{ :​admin_active_student_count.png?​nolink|}}
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