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 +====== How do I use the "​Caseload / Access"​ report? ======
 +<WRAP right round info 40%>
 +If the reports are sorted by "IEP Manager"​ then page breaks will be inserted between every team member when printed.
 +<WRAP right round tip 40%>
 +  * To save the report as a csv file for use in a spreadsheet such as Excel, click [[features_save_report_excel|[Save to File]]] at the top of the report.
 +  * You may use the "1st Order",​ "2nd Order" and "3rd Order" drop down menus to sort your report by specific fields.
 +  - From your "​Administration Menu" click "​Reporting",​ or use the "Go to..." drop down menu and select "Admin Reporting"​.
 +  - When the Reports menu appears, there are two selections at the top, "​Searchable"​ and "​Quick"​. This report is a "​Searchable"​ report.
 +  - Click "​Caseload/​access"​ to run this report.
 +  - Enter your search criteria.
 +  - Click "​Search"​.
 +**The "​Caseload/​access Report"​ will give you the following results:**
 +  * District Name
 +  * School Name
 +  * Student Name (Last/​First)
 +  * Student ID (MARSS #)
 +  * Primary Disability
 +  * Team Member
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