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   - Click "​Search"​.   - Click "​Search"​.
-The "​Combined Report"​ will give you the following results:+**The "​Combined Report"​ will give you the following results:**
-Student ID (MARSS #) +  * Student ID (MARSS #) 
-Student Name (Last/​First) +  ​* ​Student Name (Last/​First) 
-IEP Managager Name (Last/​First) +  ​* ​IEP Managager Name (Last/​First) 
-Grade Level +  ​* ​Grade Level 
-Date of Birth +  ​* ​Date of Birth 
-Primary Disability +  ​* ​Primary Disability 
-Status +  ​* ​Status 
-Providing (Serving) District Number +  ​* ​Providing (Serving) District Number 
-Resident District Number +  ​* ​Resident District Number 
-Federal Child Count Setting Code +  ​* ​Federal Child Count Setting Code 
-IEP Meeting Date +  ​* ​IEP Meeting Date 
-IEP Prior Written Notice Date +  ​* ​IEP Prior Written Notice Date 
-Earliest Service Date +  ​* ​Earliest Service Date 
-IEP Meeting Due Date (IEP Meeting date plus 1 year) +  ​* ​IEP Meeting Due Date (IEP Meeting date plus 1 year) 
-Evaluation Due Date +  ​* ​Evaluation Due Date 
-Service Plan Type (IEP, IFSP or IIIP) +  ​* ​Service Plan Type (IEP, IFSP or IIIP) 
-Plan Type (Initial, Annual or Interim)+  ​* ​Plan Type (Initial, Annual or Interim)
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