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 ====== How do I do the grade rollover? ====== ====== How do I do the grade rollover? ======
- +{{pdfjs 100%,900px >:wiki:​pdf:​grade_rollover_guide.pdf}}
-Instead of teachers changing the grades on each individual student, the "Grade rollover"​ report can be used to rollover all student records in a particular school, district or an entire database. +
- +
-<WRAP center round important 80%+
-Administrators need to coordinate this process so that teachers and staff know if an administrator is taking care of the grade rollover process so that it is not done more than once. If a teacher changes the grades of their students and an entire grade rollover is performed laterthose grades will also be rolled over again. Please note that numerous issues can arise with this procedure, please think about your actions and exercise caution (read notes at the top of this report). +
-</WRAP> +
- +
-<WRAP right round box 64%> +
-{{ :grade_rollover_new2015.png?nolink|}} +
-</​WRAP>​ +
-===== Grade Rollover ===== +
- +
- +
-  - Navigate to the "​Reporting"​ menu. +
-  - Click the "Grade rollover"​ report.<​WRAP right round important 20%>If the server you are on uses Custom Grades in the Grade Level Long drop down setup, select Custom, otherwise some grades will not be included.</​WRAP>​ +
-  - Select Either Custom or SpEd Forms Grades +
-  - Select the cooperative from the drop down list box (if needed). +
-  - Select the district from the drop down list box (if needed). +
-  - Select the school from the drop down list box (if needed). +
-  - Put a check in the box next to the grade(s) you want to be included. +
-  - From the drop down list box in the right column, choose the new grade level that the checked grade in the left column will be after the rollover is complete. +
-  - Click the "​Rollover Selected Grades"​ button. +
-  - At the next screen you will be given a summary showing the changes that will take place. If this is correct, click the "​Proceed with Rollover"​ button and the specified changes will be made. +
- +
-<WRAP center round important 80%> +
-All grades can be chosen and rolled at once when rolling forward (when rolling back, make sure to read the "​Danger"​ note at the top of this report). +
-</​WRAP>​ +
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