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-====== How do I merge two duplicate ​records for a student? ====== +====== How do I merge two records for a student? ======
 +  - Find the local student that has a record to be merged. If the student has more than one local record, record the MARSS ID of both records.
 +  - Determine which record is to be the new primary record, this will be the record that will remain after the merge. Usually the record with the most recent data will be the primary record.
 +  - If necessary, [[change_student_info|change the MARRSS ID]] of the older record and pickup the record of the student from the remote server.
 +  - Follow the steps in this document: [[reports_reassign_student_history|Reassign Student History]] to reassign the history from the old record to the new record.
 +  - Once this has been done, return to the new record and ensure that the data is all there before moving onto the next step.
 +  - Once the data has been verified, you may inform your administrator that the old record can be deleted.
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