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 +====== How do I import data? ======
 +The "​Import Data" feature gives Super Administrators the ability to import student data directly into the SpEd Forms database from a "comma delimited"​ text file.
 +<WRAP right round box 50%>
 +  - Navigate to the main administration "​Reporting"​ menu.
 +  - Click the "Super Admin" tab.
 +  - Click the "​Import data" report.
 +<WRAP center round tip 80%>
 +You must contact SpEd Forms to setup a transfer folder. The transfer folder will allow you to upload files containing the comma delimited data to be imported into your SpEd Forms database. Once the transfer folder has been setup, follow the instructions on this page for details about accessing your transfer folder: http://​www.spedforms.com/​guide/​webfolders.asp
 +**You can import two types of information:​**
 +  * [[sa_reports_import_student_data|Student data]]
 +  * [[sa_reports_import_marss|MARSS data]]
 +===== Important rules for import files: =====
 +  - The import file must be a comma delimited text file.
 +  - Text fields should start and end with double quotes.
 +  - If a record in the import file already exists in SpEd Forms, the record will be updated with information contained in the import file.
 +  - If a record in the import file does not exist in SpEd Forms, the record will be added to SpEd Forms and assigned to the default IEP manager.
 +  - If an import field is empty, the corresponding field in SpEd Forms will not be updated.
 +  - If an import field contains the word "​NULL",​ the corresponding field in SpEd Forms will be set to null (erased).
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