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 +====== Safari Setup Instructions:​ ======
 +[[http://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=7QtbnXtb-kU|Watch a tutorial on YouTube]]
 +[[http://​teachertube.com/​viewVideo.php?​video_id=206552&​title=Safari_Setup_for_SpEd_Forms|Watch a Tutorial on TeacherTube]]
 +<WRAP right round box 40%>
 +{{ :​mac-print-menu.gif?​nolink|}}
 +===== Print Settings: =====
 +  - Open Safari.
 +  - Use the File pull down menu and choose **Print...**
 +  - Expand the Print dialog.
 +  - Make sure **Safari** is choosen in the fourth drop down list box.
 +  - Make sure the **Print Backgrounds** check box is checked.
 +  - Make sure the **Print Headers and Footers** check box is unchecked.
 +  - Press **Print**.
 +<WRAP center round tip 80%>
 +Some SpEd Form pages include "​pop-up"​ windows that open to display more information or as a way for you to edit certain fields. By default, pop-up window blocking is enabled in Safari 4 and later. To not block SpEd Forms pop-up windows, you will need to uncheck "Block Pop-Up Windows"​ from the Safari Settings Menu.
 +===== Allowing Pop-ups in Safari =====
 +  - Select "​Safari"​ on the main tool bar.
 +  - Select "​Preferences"​ and then "​Security"​ tab.
 +  - If the "Block Pop-Up Windows"​ option is checked, select it to uncheck it and unblock pop-up windows.
 +{{ :​safari_popup.png|}}
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