Email 9/9/2013: Restrictive Procedures important changes

Restrictive Procedures important changes It has come to our attention that not everyone is aware of the significant changes made by the Legislature regarding the Restrictive Procedures statute. As this issue was not discussed at the recent Directors’ Forum, we at SpEd Forms believe it is important to provide you with this information.A copy of the entire Omnibus Education Bill passed by the legislature can be downloaded at:

The language regarding Restrictive Procedures begins on page 108. Among the most significant changes:
a) the definition of “Emergency” no longer includes the prevention of serious property damage;
b) there is a requirement that districts conduct quarterly reviews of restrictive procedures utilized, and
c) districts must publish various aspects of their restrictive procedure plan on the district website.

Although MDE has not updated its model forms to reflect these changes, we have amended the Restrictive Procedures forms within SpEd Forms to help our users remain compliant with the new requirements. Should MDE issue new or revised model forms, we will update our forms accordingly.

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