More than twenty years experience developing successful, cost effective, cloud software solutions for education.  Areas of expertise include:

  • Special education
  • School based medical billing (X12-837)
  • 504 accommodation plans
  • Multi-Tiered System of Support
  • Ed Fi

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SpEd Forms

SpEd Forms

SpEd Forms has been making it easier for teachers to complete special education due process paperwork and for administrators to have up-to-the minute access to special education data in a cost-effective manner since 1993. Every year more school districts discover the value of using SpEd Forms. The three most important features of SpEd Forms have always been simplicity, reliability and power.

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MA Forms

There are a lot of myths about state health care programs reimbursement. If one of these myths is keeping you from billing for health-related IEP services, or if you’re paying high fees to a medical billing agency because you believe the system is too complex, it’s time to destroy those barriers with MA Forms. Learn for yourself why hundreds of school districts have already adopted MA Forms to increase special education revenues.

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Ed Forms

504 Forms

With increased parental awareness and emphasis being placed on compliance, there is a greater need than ever for an efficient tool to document and manage the Section 504 process. Incorporating the same simplicity, reliability and power you’ve come to expect from SpEd Forms, 504 Forms makes it easy for staff to complete the required due process paperwork and for districts to manage the Section 504 process.

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Health Forms

With the assistance of one of the newest districts to choose SpEd Forms and services, we have created a health module with two different health forms.  The Emergency Care Plan is simple and designed to be shared with all staff that would interact with a particular student.  The Individualized Health Plan is designed to be used by school nurses and health paraprofessionals as they deal with the needs of individual students.

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MTSS - Multi-tiered Systems of Support

SpEd Forms has a framework schools can use to track targeted support to struggling students. The MTSS dashboard contains forms to use when a teacher is requesting assistance, identifying problems, developing a plan, adding interventions and associated scripts, tracking and reviewing progress and  evaluating the plan.

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