Email 02/21/14: March Update

On March 1st, 2014 an update will be posted to all monthly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below:

Agreement to Amend
1. “Changed” has been added as an option to Special Education/Related/Support Services and ESY Services.
(Source: Amy Adams, 6013-61-767: HVED North Cluster Programs #21843)


Communication Log
1. A quick link to the Communication log has been added to both the Educator and Admin hover menus.
(Source: Dorothy Eckblad, 6051: Goodhue County Education District #23302)
2. Only a Super Administrator or the educator who entered the log will be able to delete it.
(Source: Kelly Rockwell, 492: Austin Public Schools ISD 492 #23209)


ECSE Child Outcomes Summary
1. The Developmental Delay criteria question from MDE has been added to the student information page.
(Source: Michelle Steele, 0206: Alexandria Public Schools #23178)


Emergency Health Information Form
1. This form can now be printed and saved to history as a PDF.
(Source: Julie Neururer, 0482: Little Falls Community Schools #22699)


1. The transportation code will now auto populate from the IEP onto the Enrollment record.
(Source: Julie Belisle, 0139: Rush City School District #22856)


Evaluation Reports

1. Updates have been made to the criteria in both the SpEd Forms Templates and SpEd Forms Criteria .
(Source: SpEd Forms, #20132)

1. The previous Speech & Language goals have been updated to Communication with new subcategories of Speech, Language, Pre-Language, and Augmentative Communication.
(Source: SpEd Forms #23147)

1. At least one service will need to be present in order to validate and finalize the service plan.
(Source: Deanna Soukup, 6004: Freshwater Education District #23157)
2. An administrator preference, “Student Information: Remove “Secondary disability” has been added.
(Source: Karrie Taylor, 0938: Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative #22430)

1. The special transportation field has been added to the service screen page for reporting purposes only. It will not print or be saved to history.
(Source: Ellen Voigt, 0112: Eastern Carver County Schools #22309)

MA Forms
1. On the Create/edit claim screen, the Remark code has been added to the search criteria.
(Source: Robin Ross, 0006: So St Paul Public Schools #22404)
2. The student Created date, MA Eligible, Team Member, and Insurance have been added to the search criteria when creating an Eligibility file.
(Source: Pam Benson, Osseo Area Schools ISD 279 #22516)
(Source: Robin Ross, 0006: So St Paul Public Schools #22832)
3. The 271 Import page can now be printed and saved to file.
(Source: Julie Stoneking, 0241: Albert Lea Area Schools #22865)

Medical Documentation
1. Statement of “Medications that may adversely affect school performance:” has been added.
(Source: Robin Breas, 0728: Elk River Area Schools #23298)

Parental Consent/Objection
1. “Emailed” to the Parent will be an option in the District use only area.
(Source: Tracy Wells, 6079-52: RRSEC 6079 #22761)

Progress Reports
1. A new report, “Student History Progress Reports” has been added to the educator report menu. This will list all finalized progress reports for students they case manage. Each report can be printed from this menu.
(Source: Angie Rust, 998: Bemidji Regional Interdistrict Council #21107)

Restrictive Procedures
1. The Physical Holding, Prone Restraint, and Seclusion forms have been updated per new MDE model forms.
(Source: SpEd Forms, #23001, #23002, #23004)
2. The Physical Holding, Prone Restraint, and Seclusion blank PDF forms have been updated on the Admin and educator menus.
(Source: Sheri Willrodt, 492: Austin Public Schools ISD 492 #22419)

Student Setup
1. Exit date and Service plan filed date field have been moved to allow educators access to edit.
(Source: Angie Rust, BRIC #22530)

Team Members
1. A process to add multiple team members at one time to a form has been added.
(Source: SpEd Forms #21388)