Email 04/25/14: May Update

On May 3rd, 2014 an update will be posted to all monthly and quarterly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below.

All forms

1. New expanding text box arrows have been added.
(Source: Shannon Proulx, 0094: Cloquet School District #23362)


1. Educators will be restricted to deleting only attendance entered by them.
(Source: Angie Rust, 0998: BRIC #22843)
2. The educator Attendance report will include all hours entered for a student if they are the case manager.
(Source: Angie Rust, 0998: BRIC #22553)
3. The Attendance Summary report has been added to the educator reports.
(Source: Angie Rust, 0998: BRIC #22557)

Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) and Positive Behavior Support Plan
1. These forms have been moved to the service plan menu.
(Source: Karrie Taylor, 0938: Meeker and Wright Special Education Cooperative #23202)

MA Forms
1. Wording on the activity log for what needs to be entered as the description has been updated to match the sample activity log in the Technical Assistance Guide.
(Source: Julie Stoneking, 0241: Albert Lea Area Schools #23621)

Student list
1. The student’s middle initial will now be displayed.
(Source: Ellen Voigt, 0112: Eastern Carver County Schools #23297)