Email 05/30/14: June Update

On June 7th, 2014 an update will be posted to all monthly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below:

Extended School Year
1. If the fields for number of sessions and session length are left blank, that goal will not print or be placed into history. If “0” is entered in either of the fields, the goal will print and be saved to history.
(Source: Anneke Nelson, 0991: SWWC Service Cooperatives #23899)

Individual Family Service Plan
1. The “Reason for Referral” on the Evaluation Summary page has been replaced with “Other Evaluation Information”.
(Source: Angela Lund, 829: Waseca Public Schools #22380)

Individualized Education Program
1. The text area for “Environments in which service is provided” will print if there is text entered. The explanation for why the services cannot be provided in the natural environment will continue to not be displayed unless the “Justification” checkbox is checked.
(Source: Jennifer Musto, 0719: Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools #23513)

MA Forms
1. The option of “Informed Consent” has been added to the student billing setup.
(Source: Julie Stoneking, 0241: Albert Lea Area Schools #23925)

1. A preference, Student Information: Remove “Interim” checkbox from the IEP, has been added.
(Source: Jody Tschetter, Designs for Learning #23807)
2. A preference, Student Information: Hide IEP “Written Date”, has been added. This will remove the written date from the screen and validation process.
(Source: Joanne Smith, 0031: Bemidji Area Schools #23516)

1. “Students without Enrollment records 2013-14” has been added to the quick reports. This will display any student within your permissions and the total minutes entered for students in which no enrollment record has been entered.
(Source: Angie Rust, #24025)

Restrictive Procedures
1. The student’s primary disability has been added to all Restrictive Procedure forms.
(Source: Sarah Mittelstadt, 915-52: Southern Plains Education Cooperative #23578)