Email 08/04/14: August Update

On Sunday August 10th, 2014 an update will be posted to all monthly and quarterly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below:

Enrollment and Attendance
1. A message has been regarding the 6th birthday and requirement of adding a new enrollment record.
(Source: Angie Rust, 0998: BRIC #23796)
2. The attendance reports have been updated to report to the nearest half hour.
(Source: Michelle Steele, 0206: Alexandria Public Schools #24201)
3. The Special Education service will now be displayed on the Attendance Detail report.
(Source: Angie Rust, 0998: BRIC #22886)

GenEd Forms
1. The General Education case manager has been unlinked from the Special Education case manager.
(Source: Patty Geary, 0656: Faribault Public Schools #17211

Individualized Education Plan
1. A place to enter the Community Preschool Placement has been added to the Services page.
(Source: Amy Adams, 0861: Winona #24203)
2. A new MDE model IEP has been added. To use this form, each district must select the option on the Admin Organizational Preference screen. The Current SpEd Forms IEP will be the default.
(Source: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #24189)
3. Changes have been made to the Assessments pages of the IEP per the recent MDE updates. To use the new IEP with the most recent updates the 2014 Form Collection must be selected.
(Source: Jamie Nord, 2144: Chisago Lakes #24224)
4. If the checkboxes are not used and no data has been entered in the Child Specific Paraprofessional Support grid, it will not be included in the print or history pages.
(Source: Erin Copeland, 0112: Eastern Carver County #24233

Individual Family Service Plan
1. A new text editor has been added to the Evaluation Summary page to allow formatting.
(Source: Virginia Nimmo, 0077: Mankato #20807)

MA Forms
1. A warning has been added to the trip log to notify the service provider if an entry contains no trips. For MA Administrators, the claim can no longer be selected if there are no trips.
(Source: Sue Tupy, 2905: Tri-City United #24202)
2. The MA student address and the address in the main student setup have now been linked.
(Source: Julie Belisle, 0139: Rush City School District #23479)

Prior Written Notice
1. The PWN has been updated to reflect the recent changes by MDE.
(Source: Gary Lewis: SpEd Forms #24220)

1. The ECSE outcome quick reports have been updated to include inactive students.
(Source: Wanda Lane, 0181: Brainerd School District #24247)
2. The Workload Analysis report has been updated to ignore draft service plans.
(Source: Kim Lannier, 0282: St Anthony New Brighton #23330)
3. A new quick report has been added, “Materials and Procedures 2014-15”.
(Source: Chris Christenson, Bloomington Public Schools #24290)

Restrictive Procedures
1. Updates have been made to the Restrictive Procedure Prone Restraint form to match the MDE model.
(Source: Gary Lewis, SpEd Forms #24204)