Email 9/30/14: October Update

On Saturday, October 4th, 2014 an update will be posted to all monthly SpEd Forms sites. This update will include the changes detailed below:

1. Next and previous week arrows have been added to the bottom of the attendance entry screen.
(Source: Julie Stoneking, Albert Lea Area Schools #24242)

Evaluation Reports
1. The DAS-II and SRS-II have been added to the test bank.
(Source: Duane Borgeson, 6383: Benton Stearns Education Programs #24634)

GenEd Forms
1. The case manager has been added to the MARSS B report.
(Source: Julie Belisle, 0139: Rush City School District #24032)

Individualized Education Plan
1. PLAN and Explore have been added to the available tests in the assessment drop down.
(Source: Lee-Ann Sanborn, 4086: Carter G. Woodson Academy #24657)

MA Forms
1. Wording changes were made to the Annual Rates and Activity Log forms.
(Source: Tonia Czech, SpEd Forms #24362)
2. A new preference has been added, “Only allow Super and MA Administrators to delete activity logs”.
(Source: Robin Ross, 0006: So St Paul Public Schools #24236)

1. A new quick report was added, “Restrictive Procedures used in 2014-15”.
(Source: Kelly Rockwell, 492: Austin Public Schools ISD 492 #24550)
2. The educator Services report will now have the option of searching by the student’s serving district.
(Source: Linda Kern, 0991: SWWC Service Cooperatives #24194)
3. Administrators will now have the ability to search by all educators that case manage or are shared with students in their school or district.
(Source: Sharon LaPoint, 0345: New London-Spicer #23850)

Summary of Performance
1. A field for the student’s cell phone has been added.
(Source: Corlie Carter, 6004: Freshwater Education District #24190)