Email 01/30/15: February Update

On Saturday, February 7th, 2015 an update will be posted to all monthly and quarterly SpEd Forms sites.  This update will include the changes detailed below:

Prior Written Notices
1. A new translate feature has been added to the Spanish Prior Written Notice and the Evaluation/Reevaluation Plan Prior Written Notice forms.  Please note that the English text will not auto fill to the Spanish forms.
(Source: Gary Lewis: SpEd Forms, #23865)

MA Forms
1. The batch file process has been updated to accommodate the new DHS requirement of sending the NPI number in the previous MA Provider ID field.  If you have submitted claims since January 9th or would like to submit claims before the February 7th update please contact our office.
(Source: Melanie Adema, 6049: River Bend Education District #25642)