Email 2/15/16: IFSP Compliance Update

Due to a change in compliance standards, we have updated the IFSP Eligibility page effective immediately. MDE now requires that when documenting eligibility under Developmental Delay, that the scores from all five areas (i.e., Cognitive, Communication, Physical, Adaptive and Social/Emotional) be reported, not just those that are 1.5 Std. Deve. or more below the mean.

This will have no impact on any IFSPs that have already been finalized, and should not cause any data loss within current working copies of the IFSP.

Three additional lines for data entry exist below the five required areas. Use these when more than one instrument was used in an area. If left blank, the extra lines will not print.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Gary Lewis, Ed.D.
SpEd Forms