Email 09/16/16: Progress Monitoring Tool

One of the most useful features included in SpEd Forms is also one of the most underused features – the ability to record, track and automatically graph progress toward meeting Goals and/or Objectives. (This tool is also used as part of RtI Forms.)

To access the Goal progress monitoring feature, simply click on Measure Goal in blue typeface immediately above the data field where you enter a goal. Similarly, to access the Objective monitoring feature, click on Measure Objective immediately above the data field where you enter each Objective. When you click on one of these, the progress monitoring window will open and the goal or objective is automatically entered onto the page. There is a pulldown menu to list the type of measure you are using (CBM reading and math are pre-entered, but you can add any additional measure you wish) and a place to enter the target score and end date. Below that is a place to enter the date and time you collect data, the score obtained, and a place for a brief note. When you save the page, it will automatically show the goal line and plot the student’s progress. To return to the goal page, use the Back button at the top of the screen. Instructions on how to use the progress monitoring tool are contained in the SpEd Forms Educators Guide under the Managing Forms section.

To give you an idea what the progress monitoring feature looks like, I have created a screen capture of a progress monitoring report for a fictitious student that I use when demonstrating SpEd Forms. You can see that here:

[pdf-embedder url=””]

Download this document.

Thank you for your continued support of SpEd Forms.
Gary Lewis, Ed.D
CEO, SpEd Forms, Inc.