SpEd Forms Now Available For Wisconsin

Until recently, SpEd Forms was only available in Minnesota. However, after multiple requests for expansion to Wisconsin by state line-hopping special educators, we decided to embrace the challenge and develop a Wisconsin version of SpEd Forms. WI Sped Forms is now available to Wisconsin school districts and includes all forms recommended by the WI DPI.

The software has already been tested in several districts around the state. In the summer of 2019, SpEd Forms was released to a pilot group of Wisconsin school districts that had been previously using Oasys, SEAS, and eSTAR. SpEd Forms software was received positively by teachers and administrators alike. Teachers like that SpEd Forms includes helpful features including a goal bank, test bank, and comprehensive drop down lists not previously available. Administrators like SpEd Forms’ extensive reporting features. In addition, many users from pilot districts mentioned how easy SpEd Forms is to use, as well as our responsive technical support team.

Here’s what the Director of Special Education Boyceville Community School District had to say: “We had been with our old system for over 10 years and SpEd Forms far exceeds my expectations, hopes and dreams of a user-friendly system.” 

Bethany Vannest, an advisor at Escuela Verde, commented on SpEd Forms’ ease of use, writing: “The tools and features that I need to use on a regular basis are easy to access, make sense, and I don’t have a lot of extra features crowding my screen that I don’t need.”

So what is SpEd Forms? SpEd Forms is simple, reliable, and powerful special education software designed by special educators for special educators.  Since 1993, SpEd Forms has been making it easier for teachers to complete special education due process paperwork and for administrators to have up-to-the-minute access to special education data in a cost-effective manner.

To learn more about SpEd Forms please visit https://spedforms.com/wi-sped-forms/