Email 12/05/19: MN December Update

All SpEd Forms sites will be unavailable due to maintenance and updating starting at 10pm Friday, December 6th until noon Saturday, December 7th. The update will include the changes listed below:

504 Forms
1. The Parent/Student Rights form has been updated.
(Source: Angela Bunnell , Rum River Special Education Cooperative #40628)

Other Forms
1. Spanish, Hmong and Somali translations of the Prior Written Notice and Consent/Objection (Fall 2019) forms were published to our servers in mid-November.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #41028)
2. Testing accommodations for State Assessments and District-wide Assessments (pages 8 & 9) of the IEP have been added to the IEP Snapshot form. If your site has Viewpoint integration and you want the new accommodations information to be included in Viewpoint, please re-finalize any existing IEP Snapshot forms. Re-finalizing will send a new IEP Snapshot to Viewpoint with the accommodations.
(Source: Kelli Byrnes, SpEd Forms #40825)
3. A transportation change checkbox and text field has been added to the Special Education Data Sheet.
(Source: Jennifer Middendorf, Burnsville Public School District #40729)
4. A serving school drop down field has been added to the Enrollment record page.
(Source: Mark Oehrlein, SpEd Forms #40480)
5. A new form titled “Emergency Health/Transportation Information” has been added for use.
(Source: SpEd Forms Advisory Committee, #40712)

1. Updated Prior Written Notice and Consent/Objection (Fall 2019) forms have been added to the available Blank Forms in PDF Format.
(Source: Carole Pankow, South St. Paul Public Schools #40928)
2. “EXITed Students w/Last Service Date in 2019-20” has been added as an admin quick report.
(Source: Sue Tupy, Tri-City United Schools #41309)
3. “Students with discontinued status end codes” has also been added as an administrative quick report.
(Source: Jennifer Clausen, Owatonna Public Schools #41060)
4. A third admin quick report titled “Formerly DD students who qualified categorically” is available for use.
(Source: Diane McCarron, SpEd Forms #40815)


1. We will be doing significant infrastructure and security improvements with the December update. Because of the large scope of these changes, we will need additional time to complete the update. All sites will be unavailable from Friday at 10:00pm until Saturday at 12:00 noon. Thank you for your patience while we improve our systems.

2. On January 4th, 2020 the Calendar button on the Main Menu will be eliminated due to infrequent use.

3. On January 4th, 2020 “My evaluations” will be removed under Educator Reports due to the availability of the Assessment Tracker.