SpEd Forms Performance Update

Dear SpEd Forms Users,

Please accept my personal apology for the performance of SpEd Forms over the past week.

On Saturday the 7th we upgraded SpEd Forms to take advantage of new system software. We also doubled the speed of our storage volumes and server instances. SpEd Forms appeared to operate normally after the update but it became slow and unreliable under heavy load the following Monday.

Over the course of the next week we worked around the clock to try and resolve the issue. On Saturday the 14th we implemented configuration changes in an effort to resolve the problem. Again SpEd Forms appeared to operate normally until Monday when the load increased again.

On Tuesday we retained international database expert Pinal Dave to help identify and resolve the issue. As Wednesday morning approached and the load increased Pinal and our team observed and analysed SpEd Forms. Subsequently, with Pinal’s help, we identified the cause of the performance issue and implemented a solution.

Pinal has recommended some structural changes to increase stability. We will be working to implement them over the holiday break. Going forward I have engaged Pinal to regularly participate in our infrastructure meetings to proactively prevent similar issues.

I should have sought expert help from outside our organization sooner. My delay in seeking outside help unnecessarily delayed the solution.

Thank you for your understanding and patience over the last week. You are doing important work and the reduced reliability of SpEd Forms made your work harder. Thank you for keeping in contact with us and telling us about the problems you were experiencing. Your reports helped us find a resolution.

Yours sincerely,

Shane Dennis
Chief Executive Officer
SpEd Forms