Feedback Results: Why Wisconsin Schools are Switching to SpEd Forms

After many requests for a Wisconsin version of SpEd Forms, we piloted our software in schools across Wisconsin. Many districts that participated in our pilot run decided to continue using SpEd Forms in the next school year. When asked why they made the switch, the following five features were at the top of their lists:

  1. Ease of Use. One of the first things most WI schools comment on is how SpEd Forms software is intuitive and easy to learn. Even individuals who hadn’t attended the SpEd Forms User Training were still able to quickly understand and use the software. Similarly, districts using our demo copy of SpEd Forms were able to quickly access the form and sample the software features. Pilot schools also tell us that the transition from their prior system to SpEd Forms went even more smoothly than they had anticipated.
  2. Customer Support. Wisconsin pilot schools consistently praise SpEd Forms customer support and speed of response. Several directors commented that unlike their prior IEP system where they’d wait weeks or months for a fix, they were connected directly with a SpEd Forms programmer who was able to quickly resolve any problems.
  3. Goal Selection and Customization. Sometimes coming up with the right words to write a goal or respond to a prompt on a required form seems like a daunting task. WI special educators were thankful for the thousands of sample goals and dozens of drop-down menus built into SpEd Forms. Goals can also be customized to meet individual students’ unique needs.
  4. Seamless Export from SIS to SpEd Forms. WI schools value the ability to export demographic information from their student information system (SIS) into SpEd Forms. This insures that student data like their name, WISE ID, birthdate, grade, and parent information is always 100% accurate. You don’t have to worry about keeping information up-to-date, either, as changes made in SIS are updated into SpEd Forms overnight. SpEd Forms currently supports data imports from Infinite Campus, JMC, PowerSchool, Skyward and Synergy.
  5. Instant Data Transfer. Districts using SpEd Forms have the ability to electronically transfer the entire special education record from one SpEd Forms school to another. Instead of sending the student’s physical record and entering it manually into a new IEP system, data is sent instantly with the click of a button. Coverage includes schools in Minnesota, where approximately 95% of schools use SpEd Forms. That means when a student transfers from a MN district to a WI school, the receiving school has immediate access to their Evaluation Report, IEP, and other forms, and key data is automatically entered onto the WI IEP.

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